From Our Kitchen to Yours!

“Chopped” Event

Perfect event for team-building for your group! Hickory and The Kitchen at 6130 are the perfect settings to recharge, invigorate and challenge your team. This is a friendly competitive interactive option that is great team building for smaller groups. Everyone will be divided into teams. There are given baskets filled with 3 or 4 ingredients. The teams will produce a dish with guidance from our chefs (no devices allowed!). Judges can be our chefs/staff or your employees.

Group Size: Chopped competitions are best for groups of 25 and under.

Interactive Cooking Stations

A fun and interactive cooking event where, under the talented direction of our chefs, everyone gets involvd in making a dish for our buffet. This type of event will inspire teamwork, camaraderie and collaboration. Our most popular interactive cooking model!

Group Size: Interactive Events are best for groups of 50 and under.

Chef Demonstration

Enhance your guests skill and confidence, at our chef cooking demonstration. They will have fun while learning the ease by which you can artfully replicate delicious dishes at home. Our chefs will discuss the dish they are preparing on our demo table in front of the group. Demos last from 20 to 30 minutes including Q & A. No cooking involved for your guests, just sit back and enjoy.

Group Size: Up to 100.

Smoking and Grilling

From BBQ feasts at your office to a tailgate or pool party at home, we can offer you made-from-scratch BBQ and American comfort foods, the freshest seasonal ingredients, and local produce when possible. Chef Chris Short will bring by his new custom Smoker/Grill from East Texas Smoker Company and his amazing team of chefs and servers. Sit back, relax and enjoy!